Keynote Speaking

‘Your Keynote was really inspiring and thought provoking’

A keynote isn’t a teacher’s lesson, it’s a time to deeply connect, to challenge and to inspire. I listen carefully to every brief and I curate bespoke content accordingly. I present using storytelling and (sometimes unplanned) humour but most importantly I hope, I speak from my heart.

“Thank you so much it was very inspirational and refreshing.”

“Absolutely fantastic! Please come back and top us up with more.”

“It is so inspiring to hear about the direct impact your work makes on a young person’s journey within education and life and what a difference it makes. Stepping back from the bustle of school and listening to you helped us all think about how we can incorporate aspects and apply elements to our own schools. It brings us back to the core of why we all went into teaching in the first place – to make a difference to the lives of young people.”