Finding my Voice

An individual and small group and whole school project supporting young people to physically and metaphorically ‘find their voice’.


‘Finding My Voice’-what does that mean?

Physically-During the course young people learn to become more confident in speaking whether this is publicly, to their friends or in sharing their feelings more clearly.

Metaphorically-Finding my voice also means young people sharing and discovering what their individual talents and interests are and how they can develop these during their school life and into their ambitions for the future.

What the course involves…

Every project is unique to the young person’s needs. Normally it will begin with a ‘getting to know you’ session and as the course develops it becomes a personalised project. Each project has a real-life purpose. This may be an individual or group venture creating something, performing or going to meet someone inspiring…the options are endless!

What happens when the course finishes?

When the course finishes the young people graduate and become ‘Finding my Voice’ mentors in school, supporting other children on the project both individually and in groups. They also have opportunities to attend special events termly.

The young people always belong to the ‘Finding my Voice’ group.


“Thank you for all of the work you have done with ***********, it’s been a fantastic journey for him and he’s in a really good place. He will always remember the work that you have done with him and I am certain that he will use the tools you have developed within him to achieve great things.”


“Thank you so much for all you have done to support *********** and us. You are always so positive and inspiring bringing solutions and possibilities. Keep spreading that magic…”


“My behaviour has changed. I didn’t know how to re-act to an argument but now I know to stop and think before I act. I also now know about my ability of words-It was like a hidden talent you have pulled out of me. I feel proud of myself and not angry.”


“You have been amazing and ******** has really benefitted”