Schools Support

Schools Support

Using my research and practice I will support you to innovate a curriculum intent which develops excellent knowledge, which is deepened through skills and underpinned by the development of character.

My methods combine motivational presentation and collaborative working to inspire and re-invigorate staff. I work with Headteacher’s to look at school development in a more radical and creative way bringing a positive, innovative and sustainable change into schools.


“We found the session very thought provoking and it has really given us some clear steps forward. We are really excited about it!”

“Helpful learning the meaning of being creative. Very interesting!”

“Great team discussions. Thought provoking.”

“Thank you so much it was very inspirational and refreshing.”

“Lots of links to our learning behaviours and values, philosophy for children, growth mindset and making connections across learning which has re-awakened and drawn together many of the things that held us together as a family ‘staff’ team and motivated us-would love to have you back to keep us on track!”

“Absolutely fantastic! Please come back and top us up with more.”

“It is so inspiring to hear about the direct impact your work makes on a young person’s journey within education and life and what a difference it makes. Stepping back from the bustle of school and listening to your presentation helped us all think about how we can incorporate aspects and apply elements to our own schools. It brings us back to the core of why we all went into teaching in the first place – to make a difference to the lives of young people.”