Rachel Higginson is a passionate advocate for Creative Teaching and Learning.

She has been a teacher for 20 years with experience ranging from Early Years to Year 7 and has taught in both Mainstream, Special Needs and medical settings. She is a qualified Head teacher and has significant professional experience in developing English, supporting children with SEND, Music and Outdoor Learning. This vast experience inspired Rachel to work as the Creative lead for Exeter Creative School, developing a new and exciting 21st Century curriculum for this large new Exeter school.

Now working as a Creative Education Consultant Rachel dedicates her time to supporting professionals to understand what it means to ‘be creative’ and to inspire confidence in their own creativity and to facilitate the same in others.

Rachel says

“Creativity is at the epicentre of development in our society, yet education is the least creative it has been in years. Making our schools more creative means that teaching and learning becomes more relevant to all, everyone has more ownership of the process and we ensure that our schools are exciting, vibrant and innovative environments which prepare young people for our modern world.”